Friday, September 17, 2004

Ruff ruff ruff ruff RUFF!

Ruff ruff ruff? Ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff!


Jovianne said...

Freddie !!!
Welcome Back!
I missed You!
Nice article, were you actually IN West Virginia?
Or just taking a blog break?
The Cats said to tell you they nissed you too.

Teresinha said...

How are you?
I miss you old dog...
The night we spent together on the beach was fantastic...
Can we repeat it?
Ruff? Ruff?


Jim Donahue said...

Jovi: Freddie's been a little stressed out lately and be posting a bit less often, but he's looking forward to the weekend to relax.

And Salunara, Freddie hasn't mentioned your name to me, but I'll pass along your message.

Jim (Freddie's human companion)

Jovianne said...

shipping a bag of doggy treats and a 6-pack to Freddie via Fed-Ex.
Enjoy!!! oh , and let your human friend have some too.

Bob said...

What can I say but keep up the good work.
I especially enjoyed the comments on ruff ruff.

Love Kate

(ex-resident at my place)